A Self-Learning AI Approach for Novel Threats

Spotting targeted or unknown threats requires an understanding of ‘normal’. Darktrace’s AI-based email security offers protection against zero-day and multi-vector attacks which isn’t limited to historical attack rules and data. As attacks evolve, so will your security.

Traditional Approach
  • Attack-centric data
  • Payload focused
Darktrace/Email Approach
  • Business-centric data
  • User/behavior focused
Your data. Our ai.

Elevate your cyber defenses with Darktrace AI

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Installs in seconds through API

Enable journaling for lightening-fast action
Schutz ohne zusätzliches operatives Risiko, keine Änderung des MX-Datensatzes erforderlich
Leverages proven-reliable journaling and/or APIs to integrate quickly
Bietet eine native Installation mit Google, Microsoft 365 und Exchange
Unterstützt mehrmandantenfähige und hybride Umgebungen

Besser gemeinsam

Darktrace and Microsoft have partnered to help organizations close the security gaps in their multi-cloud and multi-platform environments. Darktrace/Email, hosted on Microsoft Azure, complements Microsoft email cyber security with Self-Learning AI email security that detects and autonomously responds to novel email threats that evade other defenses. Darktrace/Email integrates with both Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange.
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Darktrace ActiveAI Security Platform

The Active AI Security Platform correlates threats across your entire organization, delivering proactive cyber resilience with real-time detection and autonomous response to known and novel threats.

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A mock-up of Darktrace ActiveAI Security Platform user interface
Bringing our AI to your data

Protect your data wherever it lives

Our ai. Your data.

Elevate your cyber defenses with Darktrace AI

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Darktrace AI protecting a business from cyber threats.